Monday, 14 May 2012

SharePoint Quick Tips and Tricks

Today’s blog post is on a topic which is relevant to todays’ world. We read articles every day and we often find ourselves wondering how all this was created. Yes you got it right, it is a page. So if you are a SharePoint end-user, this post is dedicated to you – Thanks to IMMIX Solutions.
Without wasting any more time lets dive straight into it.
Create a SharePoint Page.
1.       Navigate to the desire site.
2.       Select Site Actions à Create Page.
3.       Fill out the form
a.       Title: This will appear at the top of the page.
b.      Description: This will appear in a search engine.
c.       URL Name: Keep it short - no special characters, spaces, or descriptive names.
d.      Page Layout: Select the page layout – e.g. Articles page layout in case you are creating a news article.
4.       Select Create.
5.       Save.
Please note that the page won’t be available to everyone not until it has been checked in. So use a check in option and click on publish to make it public.
by Sepaka Hlongwane (Consultant - SharePoint)

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  1. Thanks for all these quick tips and tricks. I will definitely use all these points and do remember them while designing a page.
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