Friday, 16 March 2012

Business Technology Solutions Powered by Microsoft SharePoint

We at IMMIX Solutions are forward thinking when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint and perceive the product as phenomenal platform that supports the development of “best of breed” internet solutions within the walls of the enterprise. SharePoint promotes healthy collaboration, business optimisation and productivity. It also encourages the collection of collective intelligence via informal and formal structures, groups and communities, centralised with the basic business need to communicate, share and learn.  Enterprise collaboration is the 21st century business performance accelerator.

With the growth and expansion of our SharePoint Practice at IMMIX Solutions, we have a new leader at the helm. Claudia joined IMMIX in January 2012 and has brought a wealth of insight, experience and out of the box thinking into the team garnered from more than 15 years dedicated to Organisational Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence. 

Our focus is centered on driving an innovative business strategy and increasing customer market share through alliance and partnerships with respected service providers and solution verticals. But as much as we are focused on our strategy, what is a strategy without an excellent and dedicated delivery team.  We are first and foremost committed to service delivery and excellence within the SharePoint team. Our strength and ability to predictably deliver successful and cost-effective projects resides in that we have a passion for what we do and that will never change.

We do have a strong customer centric approach are passionate about doing things the right way, understanding the customer pain points and ensuring that the solution is made to fit the client’s business needs and not the other way around.

Together as a team have already completed numerous brainstorming sessions, unpacking what we do, asking ourselves why we do it?. As a team we are proud and excited with the outcomes. IMMIX Solutions SharePoint Center of Excellence has emerged with dedicated Analysts, Architects, Engineers and Product Specialists. Together coupled with a rich, diverse and competitive customer offering. As a team we are confident that not only do we bring the expertise, technical skills and know-how but also an deep rooted understanding of organisational intelligence and the human and business processes that drive business and unlock value and success for SharePoint projects.

IMMIX Solutions Service Offering includes the following exciting and leading business technology solutions:

Social Business and Enterprise Information Management
Social Intranets
Collaboration and Communities
Content, Document and Records Management
Business Process Automation and Workflows
Web Content Management
Knowledge Management
Innovation and Ideation Management
Business Transformation and Change Management
End User Adoption

SharePoint Strategy and Deployment Services
Enterprise Intranets, Extranets and Internet Solutions\
SharePoint Strategy Invention
SharePoint Upgrades and Migrations
SharePoint Architecture Development and Deployment
SharePoint Healthcheck and Risk Assessment
SharePoint Optimisation, Governance and Management
SharePoint Behavioural Analytics
SharePoint Digital Branding Studio
SharePoint and CRM Hybrid Solutions

IMMIX Solutions Strategic Partners and Leading Solution Verticals

- K2 Blackpoint
- K2 Blackpearl
- K2 Connect

- DocAve 6
- SharePoint Integration
- SharePoint Management
- SharePoint Migration
- SharePoint Optimization
- SharePoint Protection
- SharePoint Reporting

OI Software
- nGage Prime for SharePoint 2010
- nGage Advances for SharePoint 2010
- nGage Intelligence

In upcoming blog posts, we will be discussing and unpacking the practical approach, implementation and business value of DocAve 6, K2 Blackpoint and Blackpearl as well nGage Intelligence. Be on the lookout for some awesome case studies, success stories and reviews that we will be sharing. You can also follow thought leaders from IMMIX Solutions Sharepoint Center of Excellence on Twitter. @MrThirsty – Andrew Shough @Collaboratrix – Claudia Correia de Araujo and of course follow the organisation @IMMIX – IMMIX Solutions for our news updates, community initiatives, marketing events and so much more.