Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Welcome to the world of IMMIX SharePoint

Since this is my first post of many for the SharePoint Practice at IMMIX, I thought I would start with an overview of who we are, what we do, and what the future holds for IMMIX SharePoint. We recently went through what we considered to be a rather large change – our SharePoint Practice manager of almost two years moved on to other business opportunities and left a gaping hole in our team. However, being who we are at IMMIX, we saw this as a fresh challenge and I am very glad to say that the position has been filled. The new SharePoint Practice manager has started with a bang.

Who are we?
IMMIX is a Microsoft partner and we are part of the Microsoft President’s Club for 2011 which includes the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide. IMMIX currently has two offices – the head office in Johannesburg and an office in Cape Town. We strive to provide business software applications that help clients to better manage their business, their customers, their software, and their information. Ultimately your business goals = our business solutions!

The goal of SharePoint Practice is to provide our clients with great business value with our solutions, be it a simple or a complex solution that has auditing, governance, and legal compliance.

by Andrew Shough (Senior Consultant - SharePoint)

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