Thursday, 31 May 2012

IMMIX SharePoint Brochure

Keeping with the color themes of our company pillars, the IMMIX SharePoint brochure consisted mainly of pinks and purples. The main focus was the SharePoint tree of knowledge, whereupon its roots represented the IMMIX SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (Upgrade and Migration, Healthcheck Assessment, Architecture Development and Deployment, Digital Branding Studio), these foundations lead to our service offerings that you see branched out (Collaboration, Social Networking, Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Governance and Compliance, Intranets, End User Adoption)

Monday, 14 May 2012

SharePoint Quick Tips and Tricks

Today’s blog post is on a topic which is relevant to todays’ world. We read articles every day and we often find ourselves wondering how all this was created. Yes you got it right, it is a page. So if you are a SharePoint end-user, this post is dedicated to you – Thanks to IMMIX Solutions.
Without wasting any more time lets dive straight into it.
Create a SharePoint Page.
1.       Navigate to the desire site.
2.       Select Site Actions à Create Page.
3.       Fill out the form
a.       Title: This will appear at the top of the page.
b.      Description: This will appear in a search engine.
c.       URL Name: Keep it short - no special characters, spaces, or descriptive names.
d.      Page Layout: Select the page layout – e.g. Articles page layout in case you are creating a news article.
4.       Select Create.
5.       Save.
Please note that the page won’t be available to everyone not until it has been checked in. So use a check in option and click on publish to make it public.
by Sepaka Hlongwane (Consultant - SharePoint)