Friday 13 April 2012

Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

So with the recently released Microsoft SQL Server 2012, I was pretty keen to get a virtual machine up and running with a working installation of CRM 2011 and SQL Server 2012.
The basic installation is no different to that of SQL Server 2008 RTM/R2 except for the fact that you need the updated CRM Installation files. This took a while to figure out as I had no idea that the installation files were updated in January 2012 already. I was so used to the CRM 4.0 install with Setup Updates that download from the internet.
First and foremost, download the latest CRM 2011 Installation files from Microsoft. These installs include Update Rollup 6 and Update Rollup 6 enables CRM 2011 to work on SQL Server 2012.
By running each of these executables, you will be prompted to specify a folder to extract the installation files to.
I pre-created these folders in a temp directory and canceled the installer once all the files were extracted. Note. The installer does not remove these files from the temp directory when it is canceled.
I located my install folder that I created from the original CRM 2011 DVD  and removed the “old” files from the following folders:
  • \Server\amd64
  •  \BIDSExtensions
  • \EmailRouter\amd64
  •  \EmailRouter\i386
  •  \Client\amd64
  •  \Client\i386
Then I copied the files from my temp folder structure back into the folders above so that I now have a “new” CRM installation DVD v05.00.9690.1992
After installing a fresh copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 – x64 – Standard Edition and converting it to a Domain Controller, I installed SQL Server 2012 – x64 – Standard Edition. The basics here apply – Database Server, Full Text Search, Reporting Server, BIDS and Management Studio.
I created all my services accounts:
  • svc.CRMASync
  • svc.CRMSandbox
  • svc.CRMApplication
  • svc.CRMDeployment
  • svc.SSRS (NB! when you install SQL Server, you will need to use this account to start the SSRS Service otherwise the CRM SSRS Data Connector will not install)
I created the Organizational Unit for the CRM Security Groups and all the other bits and bobs required for the install, such as adding the two service accounts (svc.CRMASync & svc.CRMApplication) to the “Performance Log Users” security group etc.
I have been able to successfully install CRM 2011 on SQL Server 2012 in one fowl swoop without any errors or complications. Note. This is just a lab and was created in an “all-in-one” server scenario.
Additional Important Notes.
Update Rollup 6 enables CRM 2011 to work on SQL Server 2012 but is not fully supported.

Fully supported deployments of CRM 2011 on SQL Server 2012 will be supported in the Q2 2012 release of CRM 2011 due for release around the end of April/May 2012

by Keith Hertz (Senior Consultant - CRM)


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